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Virtual Postpartum Support

As a graduate of Innate Tradition's INNATE Postpartum Care training, I have been trained in worldwide traditional postpartum care practices that are also backed by the latest science. These practices support women to recover, heal, and thrive after birth and for long-term health and wellness during the child years and beyond.

Support via email, text, phone, or video (Zoom, Messenger, Facetime)

Virtual Postpartum support may include:

  • emotional support

  • postpartum education (5 pillars of postpartum wellness, diet and nutrition, holistic care)

  • guidance for you or caregivers in setting up a sitz bath, warm herbal compress, yoni steam or herbal bath 

  • education for you or caregivers in warm oil abdominal massage, castor oil packs, moxibustion

  • sourcing of herbs, teas, and oils for the above

  • basic baby care

  • basic breastfeeding support

  • guided visualizations, including birth story clearing and processing

  • comprehensive self-care education in scar-tissue remediation, vaginal massage, holistic breast care

  • help with creating a mother honouring ceremony

  • community of support organizing

  • advocacy for your care as you navigate the health system

In addition, I can provide information on biological breast feeding and pelvic floor health. 


When I don’t have the answers, I will refer you out to reliable resources or trusted professionals who practice: Breastfeeding consultation, Holistic Pelvic Care™, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral, Women's Health Physiotherapy, Baby Led Sleep™ Coaching and more.


Virtual Postpartum Support Package

Unlimited text/email support
Weekly 1 hour video/phone call
Access to exclusive online community
Online postpartum resource library


Please contact me for a free 15 minute consult!

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