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Free Webinar

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Postpartum Plans 101:
What are they and why do I need one?

with Hope Corbin

Thursday September 23, 2021
7:00-8:00pm MDT

via Zoom

Join Hope Corbin for this free webinar to learn about what Postpartum Plans are and how they can help you feel prepared and empowered about your postpartum experience.


Are you trying to conceive or are pregnant?

Are you a friend, partner, sibling, or parent of someone who is pregnant?

Are you curious about what exactly a postpartum plan is?

Did you struggle with anxiety, depression, or other health concerns in your previous postpartum experience are are scared or worried you will experience that again?

Hello! My name is Hope, and I want to share with you all the amazing benefits of Postpartum Planning and Education. And how it can support you to have the postpartum experience you desire.

**I would love for you to attend the webinar in person as you will have an opportunity to interact with me and ask your questions. However if you can't make the live event please sign up anyway and I will email you a replay of the session.

Parents and Daughter

"Working with Hope during my pregnancy is a akin to speaking to an Elder in my community. I sit, notebook in hand scribbling away, attempting to catch all the gold nuggets of information she willingly shares. It is evident that the depth of study, knowledge and experience that resides within her comes from diverse sources, paired with her own intuition. I feel cared for in the prenatal stage, I feel ready for the birthing stage and I feel confident in my postpartum care plan."

- Kavita S.

In this class you will learn:

  • what to include in your postpartum plan

  • how a postpartum plan will support you to cultivate health and wellness in both the short and longterm

  • how having a postpartum plan improves maternal health outcomes and lowers your risk of postpartum depression

  • why having a plan is so essential to your health and wellbeing postpartum

  • why hiring a Postpartum Educator to help you create a plan will support you to have the postpartum you desire

Me a few hours postpartum

Parents and Daughter

When a mother feels prepared, supported, and knowledgeable about the postpartum she decreases her risk of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety.

Increasing a partner's knowledge of motherhood significantly reduces postpartum distress and depression in first-time mothers.

In the UK, 750,000 women give birth every year. Yet only 4% are sat down with their care providers in setting up a post birthcare plan. It costs the U.K $ 11 billion every year for untreated PND. (Studies showed that if they implemented postpartum care planning it would cost the government $3 million every year!) ⁠ That's a significant difference.


Postpartum planning was a revelation for me the third time around! As the mother and primary care provider I was nervous about postpartum due to our first two experiences where I experienced anxiety and lack of support. I reached out to Hope wanting to have a better and even enjoyable experience with our 3rd child and final postpartum period. I felt heard and was was able to work through some of my issues by the plan we created. I learned what and how to ask for help and stepped out of my comfort zone to really see postpartum as a time to invest in my own and my families healing. Thank you, Hope!

Lindsay B., Cochrane AB

About Hope

As a survivor of severe postpartum illness, Hope's journey to thriving wellness has had her explore many holistic wellness practices.

She recently completed Innate Traditions INNATE Postpartum Care Training and has studied cross-cultural postpartum traditions, backed by the latest science, that support a mother's health and wellness postpartum.

She is a mother to a 3 year old son, a conscious dance facilitator, yoga instruction, DJ, and loves to spend her freetime with her hands in the soil of her garden.

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