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Postpartum Education and Planning

There is so much emphasis put on having a healthy pregnancy and preparing for birth, that often the postpartum is neglected and forgotten. Most mothers are not aware of the type of support and care they will need during this time. I know I didn't!

Not only is the body undergoing an intense recovery from pregnancy and birth, but the brain is being restructured for this new role. With the birth of each new baby, there are many changes. It’s a time of celebration but also a time of grieving. Above all, it’s far cry from “business as usual” and families need many layers of support in place to thrive.

I have been trained in traditional cross-cultural postpartum practices that are backed by the latest science, and I can help you create a detailed plan so you can be cared for during the first 6 weeks after birth. This sets you up for success in your recovery, your physical/mental health and wellbeing, in bonding with your baby and breastfeeding, and integrating the innate wisdom of how to care and nurture your new baby.

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Postpartum planning and Education is for you if:


  • You are worried about not having enough support postpartum

  • You do not have any family or close-knit community close by

  • You have experienced feeling alone, abandoned, and not having anyone to talk to that really gets what you are going through

  • You are concerned with how you are going to rest and recover while you have a busy toddler or other kids to attend to

  • You are scared you will experience anxiety or depression postpartum

  • You are thinking: who is going to do the grocery shopping? Plan and make the meals? Tidy the house? Do the laundry?

  • You are scared about the sleep deprivation and how you are going to deal with a lack of sleep

  • You are concerned about how you are going to navigate your relationship with your husband/partner and keep the flame alive while you care for and integrate a new member of your family

Together we will:


  • Identify your fears, worries, and concerns about your upcoming postpartum and create tangible solutions that leave you feeling prepared, cared for, and supported

  • Support you to create a community of care to attend to your needs, as well as the needs of your family and home, so you can rest, recover, and bond with your new baby for several weeks after birth

  • Create an easy to implement plan that supports your physiological, mental, and emotional needs postpartum so that you can feel healthy, happy, and thriving

  • Initiate important conversations between you and your partner or care-givers so that you can: get enough rest and sleep, feel loved and supported, feel seen and understood, and keep the flame alive in your intimate relationships

  • Talk about all the changes that will happen in your body, heart, mind, and life so that you feel prepared and knowledgeable about what is to come.

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The Postpartum Planning Package includes:

  • 4-hrs of postpartum planning and education

  • one 60min session postpartum

  • a written plan and postpartum guide

  • online resource library

  • an exclusive online community

  • care provider referrals (if you live in the Edmonton area)

  • text and email support during the first 3 months

Investment: $397 CAD
available via phone or Zoom meeting, and in person

Postpartum Planning Package
I also offer group Postpartum Planning Classes!

These are a great way to create community with other families who are expecting a new baby around the same time.

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