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Roundtable Discussion on the state of Postpartum Care

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

On Saturday February 20th, 2021, myself along with some very special guests hosted a roundtable discussion on the state of postpartum care here in Alberta and around the globe.

I was joined by Sarah Wallace of Nurtured Postpartum. Nicole Hartley Bradford and Tara G.S., co-founders of the Mother the Mother Foundation. And Haley Wilson, who is a social worker here in Edmonton.

Listen as we share about our fears, worries concerns; the fall-outs from a lack of care; and what we know are the benefits of having postpartum care.

I want you to have a healthy, supported, and nurtured postpartum experience. Learn more about Postpartum Planning and Postpartum Care.

If you didn't receive the care and support you needed Postpartum and now find yourself struggling physically, emotionally, or mentally, I also offer Postpartum Wellness Coaching.

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