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Parents with Newborn Baby

Love & Sex in the 4th Trimester

How to fortify your relationships against the strain of postpartum stress

A free online workshop with Hope Corbin

Are you expecting? 

Or recently had a new baby?

Are you worried about how having a new baby might affect your primary relationships?​


Do you want to be at your best as a partner, lover, friend, and family member while being a newborn parent?

Have you experienced how having a baby has put strain on your relationships?

In This Class You Will Learn:

✔️ Factors that can put you at high risk for relationship distress

✔️ How to plan for and prevent the most common postpartum stressors

✔️ Exercises to strengthen your relationships

✔️ Why many mothers aren't interested in sex for weeks or months after birth

✔️ How to deepen in intimacy and get in the mood

✔️ How to keep your relationship juicy in new parenthood

Young Family

Did You Know?

That Divorce and break up are a common fall out of a lack of postpartum planning and preparation 

Dr. John Gottman, a seminal researcher on parenting and relationships, found that on average there is a 67 percent decline in marital satisfaction in the first three years postpartum.

Dr. Serallach, author of the Postnatal Depletion Cure, says that often even with the healthiest couples, their relationship satisfaction is at it’s lowest eighteen months after the birth of a child. Studies he read say that 13% of couples call it quits at this stage or earlier by divorce or separation. Of those who stay together 25% describe their relationship as being in distress. Furthermore, 92% describe a gradual increase in conflict after having a baby.

Meet Your Instructor


I am Hope Corbin, certified INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioner and Maternal Wellness Coach.

I am passionate about supporting mothers and families to cultivate health and wellness on all levels of their being postpartum.

I have done lots of research, and have first hand experience, of what supports parents to fortify their relationships against the common stresses of having a new baby.

I know you want the best for yourself and your family and that is why you are here.

Grab your spot today so that you can learn the tools you need to strengthen you relationships, confidently navigate the stress of having a new baby, and cultivate more health and wellness in your relationships.

JOIN ME THURSDAY JUNE 23rd AT 6:30pm MT | 5:30pm PT | 8:30pm ET

**If you can't make it to the live event don't worry. You will receive access to the replay within 48 hrs after the event.

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