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New E-Book!

How I Healed Holistcally From Postpartum Depression

By Hope Corbin

In my new e-book I share my journey of healing and recovery from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, and the wisdom I used to take me from exhausted, sleep deprived, depressed, and anxious, to healthy, happy and thriving.


Are you experiencing Postpartum Depression and Anxiety?

Would you prefer to explore natural ways to heal and recover?

Hello! My name is Hope, and I want to share with you my journey of recovery, and the time-tested wisdom I used to go from depressed and anxious to healthy, happy, and thriving.

Mother and Baby

"Thank you so much for writing this work of Health and Happiness. I found this entire series to be helpful and beneficial to my life. Having these practices organized for me in this way within the context of helping me become a better parent has been great.


I immediately loved the fact that I can do this at my own pace and time. That feels very manageable for me.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us the things that have made you a better parent."

- Christian Prekratic

Baby in Mother's Arms

This book is for you if:

  • you are a parent experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety, or simply struggling physically, mentally and emotionally

  • you want to explore holistic methods of improving your health and your mood

  • you know it is your birthright as a parent to thrive rather than just survive

  • you are committed to being the best parent you can be and know that requires you to be happy and healthy

  • you are willing to carve out a little bit of space each day to integrate the practices I share into your life

  •  you acknowledge that healing is a journey that takes time and patience, and is not always as easy as popping a pill


"Hope has been passionately giving herself to studies of how to mother the mother best and she has become this incredible powerhouse supporting women during this magical and difficult time. In my second pregnancy, I connected with her, making a plan how to create a better postpartum experience for me and my little family. Baby is due soon and I'm feeling relaxed, confident, empowered and joyful thinking about what's to come. I also loved how my husband got included in the conversation and how it got considered how he would be supported best too.

Thank you, Hope, for doing what you do. I cannot emphasize the importance enough of the work you do for expecting mothers and their family. It's healing for the whole family and therefore for the planet."

~ Christiane P., Holistic Nutrionist

About Hope

As a survivor of severe postpartum illness, Hope's journey to thriving wellness has had her explore many holistic wellness practices.

She is a certified INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioner and has studied cross-cultural postpartum traditions, backed by the latest science, that support a mother's health and wellness postpartum.

She is a mother to a 3 year old son, a conscious dance facilitator, yoga instruction, DJ, and loves to spend her freetime with her hands in the soil of her garden.

Learn more about Hope

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